Drinking water is essential. But how much water is best? There are many commonly held beliefs and ‘facts’ about fluid intake that have no basis in truth. The most common myth? You should drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Endometriosis, a disease affecting 1 in 10 Australian women, can have devastating effects on many aspects of a woman’s life. Women with endometriosis typically deal with a huge variety of symptoms with the most significant usually being pain. This case study follows one of our patients, Sarah, on her road to recovery from endometriosis.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are so important for bladder control, bowel control, preventing prolapse, and sexual function, so it makes good sense to look after them. Have you been looking after yours? Here’s our 5 top tips for a healthy pelvic floor. Prevention really is better than a cure...

Stacey came to see one of our Physio’s at WMHP for help with her bladder control. She was feeling very embarrassed, and was avoiding catching up with friends or going to Mothers Group because she was scared of having an accident. She was feeling very overwhelmed ...

One in five women experience pain with sex, but most are too embarrassed to talk with their doctor, or confide in a friend. But want to know the good news? Painful sex is very treatable!