For a Healthy Pelvic Floor
Bladder Weakness, Prolapse or Pelvic Pain?
Here’s great advice and useful tips for a healthy pelvic floor.

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Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy exists to restore pelvic health, empowering every person to live their best life.

Women’s Pelvic Health
We offer pelvic health solutions for women with pelvic pain, prolapse, bladder, bowel and sexual problems across all life stages.

Men’s Pelvic Health
We help men with a wide range of pelvic health issues including pelvic pain, bladder, bowel and prostate problems.

Pregnancy & Postnatal
We support women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey, empowering them with birth skills and treating pelvic health concerns, the discomforts of pregnancy and lactation disorders.

Why Choose Women's & Men's Health Physiotherapy?


We are physiotherapy experts in the complexities of pelvic pain, prolapse, bladder, bowel and sexual problems.

Whole Person Care

Invested in your overall wellbeing, we consider the impact of relevant physical, emotional and social aspects of your pelvic health.


Creating a safe space, we listen, guide and empower you to achieve your pelvic health goals.


For over 30 years, thousands of people have trusted us to restore their pelvic health, enabling them to live their best life.


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