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At Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy we are involved with many professional associations and advisory boards, present at conferences and courses and contribute to promotion of pelvic health. We also lecture and tutor at The University of Melbourne post graduate course in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Here we share with you some of our recent articles, education & health promotion and the conferences we’ve been presenting at.

Education & Health Promotion

World Continence Week 2017
Channel 7, The Morning Show, June 2017

How to prevent and treat prolapse
Channel 7, The Morning Show, May 2017

Leaking while exercising and pelvic floor muscles
Channel 7 Morning Show, Feb 2017

Prostate Cancer Surgery And Pelvic Floor Exercises
Continence Foundation of Australia, July 2016

Healthy Pelvic Floor Habits  / Incontinence
Channel 7 Morning Show, July 2016



Chronic Pelvic Pain in Men
Pg 41-42, InMotion, APA magazine, August 2017

Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction in Chronic Pelvic and Sexual Pain
Pg. 67, O+G Magazine, Winter 2017


Your Pelvic Floor
Weight Watchers magazine, October 2016

Why Men Should Do Pelvic Floor Exercises
The Juice Daily, September 2016

My Story Of Overcoming Prostate Cancer
Over Sixty, September 2016

The Role Of Physiotherapy In Post - Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence
Page 15, Edition 2, The Manual, Cutting Edge Men’s Health Care,
Australian Prostate Cancer Research

The Role Of Physiotherapy In The Management Of Male Chronic Pelvic Pain
Page 17, Edition 4, The Manual, Cutting Edge Men’s Health Care,
Australian Prostate Cancer Research


Graham Smorgon’s Battle With Pelvic Pain
Financial Review, March 2015

When Sex Hurts
Good Health, October 2015

Male Incontinence
Fitness Magazine, Spring 2015

A Taboo Subject by Shan Morrison
(article on male urinary incontinence)
Pg 9, Cabrini Foundation 49 Online Magazine

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia (PPFA)
Shan Morrison, contributing author



November 2017  | Understanding multi-symptom presentation in male chronic pelvic pain, Continence Foundation of Australia National Conference

October 2017  |  Clinical reasoning in complex pelvic pain, Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference, Women’s, Men’s & Pelvic Health stream

October 2017  |  Male Chronic Pelvic Pain and the physiotherapist, Pelvic Pain Victoria Seminar

September 2017  |  Biopsychosocial Physiotherapy assessment and management of post-prostatectomy incontinence, PPI Masterclass at 19th Asia- Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

September 2017  |  Physiotherapy and the male pelvic floor, Men’s Health General Practitioner Education day, 19th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer conference

September 2017  |  Prehabilitation Physiotherapy; preparation enhances positive outcomes, Nursing and Allied Health stream, 19th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

August 2017  |  Physiotherapy role in male and female chronic pelvic pain, Caulfield Hospital Chronic Pain Service

July 2017  |  Male Chronic Pelvic Pain; Physio role in assessment and management, USANZ Functional Urology Symposium

July 2017  |  Factors preventing post-prostatectomy incontinence; physiotherapist viewpoint, USANZ Functional Urology Symposium


November 2016  |  Conservative management of post-prostatectomy incontinence, Continence Foundation of Australia National Conference

September 2016  |  Multi-disciplinary Management Of Prostate Cancer -  17th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

July 2016  |  Male Chronic Pelvic Pain Workshop, Continence Foundation of Australia Victorian Physiotherapy Group

May 2016  |  Expert panel, Endometriosis Australia public forum


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