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Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy has a long and proud association with Cabrini Health Maternity providing pre and post-natal services since 1994.  In 2012, Cabrini moved to an in-house Physiotherapy department model and Shan Morrison (Managing Director of Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy), oversees the Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy service.

Physiotherapists from Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy work at Cabrini, delivering the highest quality pregnancy education, exercises classes and post-natal care. Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy also consults at the Cabrini Mother and Baby Centre.

The Following Physiotherapy Services And Classes Are Offered:


Mum’s in Training
These classes are open to all pregnant women regardless of where you are birthing. The Mums in Training exercise class is an exercise and education class for pregnant women, at any stage of their pregnancy, enabling them to exercise under the supervision of a Physiotherapist trained in women's health. Download a brochure here.

Healthy Pregnancy Class
This interactive class will help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy by providing information about how to prevent poor bladder control and back and pelvic pain. Guidelines for safe and appropriate exercises will also be included.  

Birthskills Class
This practical workshop is designed to empower women and their support person to break the stress response that can occur in labour. These life skills include movement, positioning, massage, breath awareness, relaxation and TENS, which can also be applied to the postnatal period. Early physical recovery following birth will also be explored.  

Caesarean Class
This class prepares expectant parents for a caesarean birth, the physical and emotional recovery, and caring for your baby at home. This class is facilitated by a Midwife and a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. A tour of the Maternity Unit is included.

Refresher Class
Facilitated by a Midwife and a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, this class is for parents wishing to update their knowledge. It provides an overview of birth options, including vaginal birth after caesarean, the latest birth skills, pain relief options, pelvic floor and back care and preparing your older child / children for the arrival of a baby. A tour of the Maternity Unit is included.


Post –natal Consultation
Unique to Cabrini Maternity, this is an individualised one on one consultation for woman in the days following the birth of your baby. The focus is on physical recovery, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and early detection of physical problems such as low back pain and postural issues.

Treatment For Physical Issues
Physiotherapists can provide individual physiotherapy treatment for specific physical problems if required after birth. This may include management of pelvic, back and perineal pain, breast conditions, bladder, bowel and pelvic floor problems and abdominal muscle separation.

Mum’s & Bub’s Classes
These classes are open to all post-natal women regardless of where you birthed. It’s an evidence-based 8-week group program for post-natal women that assists in recovery from childbirth and improves parenting self-confidence. This class combines physiotherapy led exercise and education sessions tailored for new mothers. Download a brochure here.


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Optimise Your Pelvic Health During Pregnancy & Beyond

•    At Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy we lead the way in pelvic health ensuring you can enjoy your pregnancy and the early months with your baby to the fullest
    We understand that back and pelvic joint pain can reduce your enjoyment at this exciting time
    We can help your body recover from pregnancy so you can return to pleasurable activities

Get Expert Help For Your Pelvic Muscles & Joints

    Pregnancy hormones relax your joints, ligaments and abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Your growing baby strains and stretches these structures
    Labour and birth and the demands of caring for your newborn can cause further physical problems
    Research shows that pelvic floor exercises in pregnancy and postnatally prevent bladder leakage

    The pelvic floor muscles support and control the bladder and bowel and assist sexual function and your abdominal muscles support the spine
    At Women's & Men's Health Physiotherapy we specialise in designing a personalised pregnancy and post-natal pelvic health program exclusively for you

What Is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

The pelvic floor muscles are at the base of the pelvis and attach from the pubic bone at the front to the tail bone at the back. They are like a hammock and support the bladder, uterus and bowel. They also help control the bladder and bowel and play a role in sexual function.

If the pelvic floor muscles are weak, they can contribute to poor bladder and bowel control and pelvic organ prolapse. If you are unable to relax your pelvic floor you may have problems with bladder and bowel emptying or sexual and pelvic pain.

Our specifically trained Physiotherapists will evaluate the function of your pelvic floor muscles and assess your ability to contract and relax these muscles. Pelvic floor muscle training under the guidance of a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist is recognised as an effective treatment for these problems.

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Real Time Ultrasound – A Useful Tool

We’re up to date with the latest technology which includes Real Time Ultrasound. 
This is an imaging technology that shows contraction and relaxation of deep muscles in real time and allows us to give you a more accurate assessment if required.


Uses Of Real Time Ultrasound

•  Your Physiotherapist may make use of ultrasound as part of your pelvic floor and abdominal assessment to ensure you’re activating and relaxing your muscles correctly

•  It may be used as a teaching tool to provide you with immediate visual feedback to improve learning and performance

•  Real Time Ultrasound can be used as a bladder scanner to assess bladder emptying


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